Website Hosting


Making your website visible to the world is web hosting. Lots of companies want to host your website and offer low-cost plans to entice you to sign up and steer you to a shared hosting plan. With our dedicated server, we have a better way.

A web hosting server is like an apartment building where each apartment in the building represents a different website. In a shared hosting environment you do not know your neighbors and you have no control over what they do. If your neighbor decides to do something that saddles the server, your website could be effected (e.g. poor accessibility, slow load times, etc.). With a dedicated server our customers are the only ones in our apartment building. We know who is in all of the apartments, and my developer partner manages the whole building/server to make sure all sites are functioning well. Yes, a real person that you can speak with when there is a need.

Web hosting companies are set up to maximize speed, security, and reliability for each website they host. My partner, Rich Frongillo, leverages a reputable company’s server to provide web hosting services to our customers. This server is a “dedicated server” with InMotion Hosting. Lasting nearly a decade, our relationship with InMotion Hosting has been excellent as they deliver on their promise of attentive service. Our customers are the beneficiaries.

Our reasonably priced hosting agreement includes:

  • Web hosting
  • Email hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • A point person on our staff to manage any issues that may arise


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